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Configuring your G Suite (Google Apps) Outbound Gateway for EntrustedMail

In order to begin using the EntrustedMail e-mail encryption services for G Suite, you must configure G Suite Apps to send outbound e-mail though the EntrustedMail encryption gateway. Once configured, EntrustedMail will inspect each message to determine whether to encrypt the message based on your organizational encryption policies.

If you are only licensing e-mail encryption for a subset of your G Suite accounts, please click here for instructions on how setup an organizational unit.

  1. Point your browser to The URL redirects you to the Google accounts sign-in page.
  2. Enter your super administrator account email address (including username and domain) and password. (If you are not an Administrator, you will be redirected to the user hub. The user hub provides quick access to  the services they have permission to use, but will not allow access administration features. You will need to contact your G-Suite Administrator)
  3. Click Sign in. The Admin console appears.
  4. Click Apps.

  1. Next, click on G Suitegsuite-button
  2. Then, click Gmail.
  3. Scroll down and click on Hosts.hosts_
  4. Next, click on Add route.
  5. Enter a description (can be anything, we chose to use EntrustedMail).
  6. Enter the Outbound Gateway Host listed in your “Welcome E-mail”. Type in the number 25 after the colon.
  7. Check the “Require TLS delivery” box.
  8. Then click the Save button.
  9. Scroll down and Click on “Advanced settings”.
  10. Scroll down to the “Inbound Gateway” section.
  11. Then enter the Inbound Gateway IP ranges listed in your “Welcome E-mail”  (this setting will ensure that certain replies to your encrypted messages do not get blocked).
  12. Next, scroll down to the “Routing” section and click on Configure.
  13. Enter a description (can be anything, we chose to use Send Route to EntrustedMail.)
  14. Under “Messages to affect” check Outbound.
  15. Under “Route” check Change route and then select the new mail route we created in Step 12.
  16. Press the Add Setting button.sendrouting_
  17. Be sure to save your changes one last time by pressing the Save  button shown below. Changes normally take affect in 5 – to 10 minutes. E-mail will continue to use your previous settings until the changes take affect.