ZixMessage Center

Send-To-Anyone Secure Messaging

The ZixMessage Center is the messaging portal hosted by ZixCorp in their secure data center. ZixMessage Center enables send-to-anyone encryption by providing a secure, centralized portal for recipients to view encrypted messages. Customers can add custom branding to ZixMessage Center with ZixPort, or use FiLink’s EntrustedMail portal, which are all enhanced versions of the ZixMessage Center.


The ZixMessage Center is a “pull” delivery method for ZixGateway, ZixGateway Hosted, and ZixMail. Encrypted emails are delivered to the portal, and recipients receive a notification email with a link to their message. After signing in, the user views the message and any attachments over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

When viewing a message, recipients can download attachments and compose a secure reply as well. First-time users go through a one-time registration process.

Mobile Support

Unlike other solutions, ZixCorp email encryption is optimized for mobile devices. Anywhere your recipients can receive email, they can receive and send encrypted messages, including mobile devices like iPhones, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, others. There is no software or app to download, the ZixMessage Center is already optimized for viewing on mobile.

In addition, Gateway and hosted Gateway users can send encrypted messages easily from their mobile devices.

Key Benefits
  • Allows anyone to access encrypted email
  • Accessible from a standard Internet browser or mobile phone
  • No software or user training needed
  • No impact on internal IT resources or infrastructure
  • Branding customization based on your organization’s needs
Key Features
  • Secure read, reply, reply all and forward capability
  • Unique support for Blackberry ®, iPhone and Windows ® Mobile devices
  • Custom password policies tailored to your organization’s security requirements
  • Advanced address book with support for group distribution
  • Secure compose capability for two-way communication