ZixMail© Software Deployment

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ZixGateway On-Premise Deployment

The ZixGateway is designed to be used as an outbound mail gateway. The appliance is deployed remotely by a dedicated ZixCorp Deployment Coordinator as either a VM or Hardware solution. Mail is routed via an SMTP connector or SmartHost to the gateway in your network, then scanned and processed for delivery by the ZixGateway using ZixCorp’s Best Method of Delivery.

ZixGateway© Cloud Personal Edition and ZixGateway© Cloud

A hosted gateway gives you all the enterprise class features of an on-premise gateway deployment without the complicated hardware administration or expensive support. The FiLink Data Center is a SAS70 Type II, triple-redundant cloud with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

User Setup

user-setupThe first step is deciding which users need email encryption or handle sensitive data. We can scan and encrypt mail for all or part of your users, you decide. We’ll consult with you on the best approach to make sure you’re compliant. We’ll also help you select the right type of gateway encryption services from ZixCorp.

Email Encryption licensing is required for each user that will be using the scanning and encryption. A small gateway service is required for user that don’t need encryption, but are using the gateway to deliver their mail.

Policy Configuration

policy-configurationEach organization has their own email encryption requirements, but there are some standard policies that we start with. We have proven HIPAA and HI-TECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Biley, and State Policies ready to deploy. We can also develop custom policies or tweak our standard policies to fit your needs.

We provide a Deployment Questionairre that will allow you to specify which policies you’d like to start with. By providing us the information, we’re able to quickly assign a policy to your account group.

Connect To Us

connect-to-usWe offer several way to get mail to us, and we can find a solution for virtually any mail setup. The most common method is to send your mail via Smarthost or an SMTP Connector.

Alternately, Desktop Users can set our gateway as their outgoing mail server.

Our standard setup services include setup assistance on your mail server, desktop client, or with your hosted mail provider.

Scan Your Email

scan-your-emailIn addition to our compliance scanning, we offer outbound anti-virus and anti-spam scanning on all of your outbound email. This protects your organization from being blacklisted if you have an unfortunate security breach, and maintains the reputation for security that your organization has developed.

The policies you choose to enforce are flexible; we can re-route mail, encrypt it, block it, or notify you based on the contents of the messages or attachements.

Message Delivery

email-deliveryFinally, we stage your email for the fastest delivery possible and make sure it conforms to industry best practices for mail delivery. Your messages are always delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is no software download required for your recipient. ANY email address can receive an encrypted message, authenticate, view the message, download attachments, and reply securely back to you. There is no need to pre-enroll, share a password, or provide any keys to view your message.